Saturday, January 2, 2010

Restore Ghia

Hello All,I have finaly had time to work on my Karman ghia again this week end.Just because it set for a few weeks again i did get a little more rust on the frame seamsi ground down with the electric grinder. However once i removed the little rust where i was going to stick weld the pans. I just stopped now only 25 mins before this post to eat and finsh the last drivers side pan to weld in. I am spot welding both a top and bottom of the pans.Maybe i don't need to do this but it was easyer to make a few on the bottom to get the pan to stay right on the seam to weld turning the pan back right side up. My hope is to finsh welding on the drivers side pan tonight and sandblast in the morning to paint of with rust proof stuff i bought from Also i have two new videos to upload ; have a look>>>

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day one of the ghia restore project!!!

Hello All,
I wanted to start a blog for my Karman Ghia restore project and animation progress reel.
Day one of i plasma cut out the rusted left and right pan halfs. I will be replacing both pan halfs
because of rust. I had to use a air hammer after plasma cutting both halfs out to remove the spot welds. After finshing cutting them out i needed to used a grinder to remove the spot welds heads to make a flat resurface for TIG welding the seems back.

Before grinding the welds video 1,

After grinding the welds video 2,